Making an IT recycling brand worthy of its global stature.


TES is a global leader in IT Lifecycle Services providing solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations in 34 locations around the globe. Since it’s formation in 2005, TES has evolved and expanded to be more than just an IT recycling vendor. The work TES does is incredibly important, especially as data security is a critical issue facing corporations today. The company protects its client's corporate reputation with compliance with all data security, environmental, and industry regulations.


TES embarked on a rebranding programme with Vantage Branding to better reflect the nature of its work, and reinforce global expansion plans as a leader in the field. 


Through brand research, one of our first recommendations was to simplify the brand name from TES-AMM to TES. The new brand logo depicts 3 rings that symbolise three distinct core offerings that come together to form holistic lifecycle management. We also looked at communications based on the 3 core areas of their business, while injecting more personal and empathetic messaging to the needs of the market. Today, TES is on course for rapid expansion with a brand that boldly conveys its strengths and global stature.


Brand Research & Strategy
Brand Identity System